These four lectures comprising four days of teaching include –

  • Sakuna and Nimitta defined and differentiated
  • Omens used independently vs within the astrological chart
  • Omens used while reading an astrological chart

Now, the Omens used while reading astrology charts like Prashna (electional) or Jataka (horoscopy) include


Vedic Astrologer, 1782

  1. samaya (exact time)
  2. svaraya (astrologer’s breath)
  3. avastha (condition)
  4. sparsa (what the querist touches)
  5. prasnakshara (words uttered)
  6. sthithi (placement)
  7. chesta (movements)
  8. bhava (mental attitude)
  9. vilokanam (looking in a particular direction)
  10. vasanam (dress)
  11. nimittas (omens)

Other topics on omenology include –

  • Omens before taking a journey
  • Falling of the house lizard and corresponding body parts
  • Remedial measure for negative omens

Listen to these presentations (lessons) and learn the vedic method of studying omens (Sakuna Śāstra)