Any course on Mantra Śāstra will take a long time to teach. The best solution to learning a vast subject like this is to lean as much as one can in small short bursts. We have a very nice (paid) course on Mantra Foundation which some of you may consider necessary before entering into this, and yet some of you may be very comfortable with what is taught here. Either way, how would you know if you did not go through this course? Since it is Free, what do you have to lose? Go ahead, join the course and start listening to the video lessons. Since Language is the basis of communication, all mantra must use some sort of language to communicate with divinity. The language of the seers was Sanskrit.
24siddhamsashaktiThings to Learn –

  • Chakras like A-Ka-Tha-Ha etc.
  • Ekākṣara kośa
  • Mātṛkāni ghaṇṭu
  • Mantraoddhāra
  • Bījoddhāra
  • Bījāni ghaṇṭu
  • Bījā and Bhava

Course Content