iChat top delireHuman Being asks Who am I? What is the image of me you have in your mind?
An astrologer? I am a physical body with a mind and a soul. I am animated by my soul.
I have a name.
I am associated with some image. No one has a total picture of that image.
My family etc. secondary attributes.

Physical body: Pāka Lagna.
Manas: Moon. The mind has 5 different levels as per Aurobindo.
Status is related to where you are born. We see status in a chart by AL. AL lord or planet in AL exalted shows native belongs to high status family. AL lord debilitated shows birth in a low status family. Lagna lord exalted gives high ideals. It is possible that a person is born middle class but has high ideals. A weak/debilitated planet in AL shows that the status will come down. If there are no planets in AL, see aspects, following which the lord. Higher the planet in AL, higher the status.
11th from AL: income, those who will give gain.
People opposing you: 7th from AL.
12th from AL: not destined to see your rise. See signs and houses.

Ārūḍha is to do with your image. What will happen when the sign holding the ārūḍha (image) rises? It shows death is about to happen. In death, the animation (soul) goes away. Therefore one way for the soul to escape the body is to being the Lagna to the Ārūḍha, to merge the Satya (Lagna) of Shiva and the Maya (Ārūḍha) of Śaktī. When the gocara lagna touches the AL is the moment of death/some info about the native. The death focus will come to the āruḍha once a day, and every day, there is a time of the day when we feel like dying.
Ārūḍha has multiple meanings. That which rises is āruḍha, that which rises will make one happy. Rāhu is cause of a big scandal. If Rāhu is in a sign of a Venus, then the scandal is concerning sexuality (Venus). Rāhu always damages the planets it conjoins and the signs it is stationed in.

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