pyramidThis course is designed to be a small one with focus on Personal Vāstu which is based on the native’s horoscope. At the outset, let us be clear that this cannot be a substitute for a proper Vāstu home. Instead it supplements the Vāstu application and fine tunes it for personal horoscopes. Consider this – one family goes into a house and flourishes, then they buy their own property and move on. Another family comes to occupy that house and the head of family perishes, sufferings galore. Why does the same house prove to be so very different in its results giving shelter and success to one and suffering and death to another. That is what Personal Vāstu aims to study.

Just as the effects of the 12 houses are judged from Lagna and the Moon, so also the effects are judged from each of the eight acting as lagna. These are the seven planets from Sun to Saturn and the Janma Lagna making it eight. Hence they go by the name Aṣṭakavarga where Aṣṭa means eight. Later, other authors like Varāhamihira have also tried to teach Aṣṭakavarga, but they fall short of one varga and use only seven factors, even though it is so obvious that there must be eight factors.